Values and business families

Values and business families

Do you know what is most important to your family? Are you clear about the goal your family assets should fulfil? What exactly would you like to bequeath to your heirs? The lack of a clear vision, combined with ineffective communication, can cause misunderstandings, disputes and even inefficiencies in the management of family wealth. Families who own […]

Parallel Software  with Parallelware

Parallel Software with Parallelware

APPENTRA was set up in 2012 from a visionary outlook: parallel computing, a programming  paradigm that in those years was used almost exclusively in the supercomputer space and was the key to achieving performance, having nowadays finally spread throughout the entire industry of software. That outcome was hard to imagine in 2012 but it has […]

EnlightED  and South Summit

EnlightED and South Summit

EnlightED is the world conference that brings together leading global experts in education, technology and innovation to promote a great discussion on Education in the digital age. South Summit organize this meeting and will be celebrating second edition from October 2 to 4 in Madrid as part of South Summit 2019. If we desire to reinvent […]