Isabel lives, or rather, survives, in a modest apartment with her son Miguel, a disabled, impulsive and generous young man. The unexpected visit of her youngest daughter, Sandra, a successful executive that has been away for more than ten years, will turn already complex family relationships upside down, triggering a succession of unexpected and surprising events full of tenderness, humor and an eventual overdue debt. An exciting comedy that questions what "normality" is and looks into that peculiar world we call "family."

Teatro Amaya: From August 29 to October 27


An exciting work on the different stages that two individuals that fall in love, interact, let each other down and recall what happened. They are both intelligent, playful, surgical, lyrical, scholarly, sexual, wounded, tender, thrilling. However, both see reality in a different way, have different dreams and move away. Nevertheless, that won’t make them to stop missing each other. How do we make love, organize coexistence, decide our future, configure our present, and settle with our past? How do we feel when we realize that we have reproduced the same old couple dynamic?

Teatro Luchana: From September 1 to October 27

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