Around the world in private Jet

Going around the world is one of the dreams that is in the wish list of most travelers. Who has never imagined becoming a Phileas Fogg of the 21st century and dedicating a few weeks of his life to travel the world emulating the protagonist of the novel by Julio Verne?

150 years ago, going around the world could be regarded an authentic expedition full of adventures and discoveries. Today, the trip is much simpler and safer to carry out although, not for that reason, it has lost that halo of mythical and romantic experience that it has for all those who have been able to live that unforgettable trip that marks “before and after” in their lives.

A brief narrative

The desire to discover new trade routes and territories is what led great European navigators and explorers to travel the world from XV and XVI centuries.

Juan Sebastián Elcano was the first to go around the world by boat during the expedition commanded by Magallanes, who left Seville in 1519 and returned 3 years later, after having fulfilled first official circumnavigation of the globe and having discovered the Magellan Strait. 

Charles Darwin embarked in 1831 on the Beagle at the age of 22 to begin a five-year scientific world tour. Darwin left from Plymouth and visited places such as the Canary Islands, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Chile, the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia, until he came back to England.

Until the twentieth century, horse-drawn carriages, rail and ship were the means of transport used by European travelers when traveling long distances from one country to another. But in 1903, the history of travel was going to change radically thanks to the feat of the brothers Willbur and Orville Wright who made the first controlled flight of a machine heavier than air, which managed to fly for 12 seconds just over 36 meters away.

The development of commercial aviation has therefore begun, and many were the pioneers who decided to travel the world in this new means of transport. Charles Lindbergh became the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, on a solo plane flight and in 1933; Wiley Post was the first pilot to travel around the world alone, having completed his personal achievement after 7 days, 18 hours and 49 minutes of flight, also beating a speed record.

Aviator Amelia Earhart wanted to become the first female aviator to go around the world and took off from Miami on June 1, 1937 aboard her Electra aircraft. A month later, with 35,405 kilometers flown and 11,265 to go, it disappeared while flying to Howland Island, in the Pacific Ocean.

Fast forward to 1956 Luis Azqueta Brunet is the first to break the sound barrier in Spain at an aeronautical festival in front of the public in Barcelona.

Flyng and connecting the world

In little over a century, commercial aviation has developed in such a way that today it is the first means of transport used to travel and practically all those people who want to go around the world do so using a plane.

Although commercial airlines currently connect most cities of the world, making this type of trip on a commercial plane can have its drawbacks. Being subject to specific flight schedules and dates, the inconvenience of all bureaucratic and security aspects which entails the airport protocol before boarding, waiting and queuing at the stops and being limited even by the number of airports where large commercial airplanes can land.

A different path is the one of the private jet, the best option to make that dream come true, in the most exclusive and personalized way, flying and connecting continents, countries, cities, islands and remote places as you want, when you want and via where you want.

Exclusivity, comfort, freedom, privacy and flexibility could be some of the main reasons to go around the world on a private jet. When traveling on a private plane one is not restricted by airlines schedules or have to waste time at the airport waiting to go through security checks or during baggage claim. You can decide what time you leave and, if you are late, the plane waits for you. Private jets can land at smaller airports closer to your final destination and thus prevent traffic from larger airports.

When traveling by private Jet you can choose the size of the plane and decide who will accompany you on your adventure around the planet. You will have the whole plane to enjoy that round to the world with your partner, family or friends, in a private way without interruptions. You can also choose when and what type of food you want to eat on board during the trip.

Design your dream trip

On board a private jet, you will be the main character of your own adventure around the world, of your dream trip. You will be able to decide the pace of the trip, which countries or cities to discover, how long to enjoy each of the waypoints. It is a tailor-made, unique and personalized trip.

Although there is not something such as a “standard” world tour, a good idea would be to start discovering the cradle of one of the ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Jordan or Greece. It is a good starting point to open that round in those mythical places where first explorers and wise men of antiquity were born. Millenary civilizations that set out to discover the world and civilizations that experienced the arrival of European navigators such as Incas in Peru or Maya in Mexico.

Nature is undoubtedly another of the main players of any trip around the world. On board your private Jet, you can discover the African savanna, the rainforests, Asian jungle, deserts such as the Gobi, paradise islands in Polynesia, glaciers in Patagonia and even the Poles. Reach remote destinations such as Easter Island, Mongolia, Bhutan, Greenland or Antarctica, and even places where large commercial airplanes cannot reach. To live, in the end, that dream world tour in a more direct, personalized and exclusive way.

Innovation and the vibrant life of big cities must also be on the list of stops on this great route around the world: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cuzco, Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong… not forgetting some of the big European capitals like London, Berlin or Moscow.

Having the opportunity to go around the world in a private jet means TO TRAVEL with capital letters and do it with total freedom and flexibility. It is a transformative and deeply enriching journey based on the contrast of cultures, landscapes, people and experiences, which marks a before and after in the life of those who plunge to the adventure to realize that mythical dream trip.

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