Why do i slepp poorly?

To answer this question, I will explain some of the circumstances that may be influencing this situation:

How is your activity level throughout the day? If you are a person who does not manage stress properly, it is most likely that when it is time to go to bed you will maintain that level of activation that is incompatible with a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is usually a symptom of what is happening in your life during the day. Consequently, it is interesting that you develop skills to effectively manage your stress, because the secret of “good sleep” is to deactivate yourself.

Do you get active at night or do you try to do activities that relax you? This point is closely related to the previous one. If our goal is to get to bed as calm and relaxed as possible to facilitate sleep, we should not perform, close to night activities that increase our level of activation, for example, working with the computer (answer email, work progress …), use the tablet, mobile (wasap, calls ….). Nor those that involve significant physical effort. With regard to sport if you do it close to night, and this activates you, it is important that you put into practice, after your sport practice, some deactivation technique: relaxation, full attention, breathing exercises, for example.

What is your dinner and bedtime schedule? Regular schedules benefit the quality of your sleep. You should not fall asleep on the couch, your brain should understand that the place to sleep is the bed and you should only be in bed if you sleep. If you don’t sleep, you have to get up and do something boring to get back to sleep. That’s when you’ll go back to bed. You will repeat this process as many times as necessary.

Dinner, frugal and two hours before going to bed. Try not to drink alcohol or soft drinks.

All this is basic if you want to improve your sleep. You can get quality sleep if you put your mind to it and I will continue to give you advice in the next HEALTHY TIPS.

I encourage you to do so, there is no better investment!

Carmen Castro Torres

Socia-Directora de ZENWorking

Expert in stress management techniques and sleep disorders