The “savoir faire” in Spain

Presents its fall/winter 2019-2020 collection in its most modern, femenine and versatile version. After a decade being the benchmark for French savoir faire in Spain, Poète has started a new stage of expansion and growth that includes an important transformation of the brand. Proof of this is its new fall / winter 2019-2020 collection, created to dress the Poète woman both on her daily life and on the most special of all occasions.

The new collection is composed of versatile and feminine French-inspired garments perfect for a working day, a dinner with friends or a field trip. Among the most iconic pieces stand out the jacket and trouser sets, midi cut dresses, which are accompanied by turtleneck sweaters for more casual days or shirts for more special encounters. There is also plenty of outerwear such as tweed jackets and knit dresses.

The allied colors of Poète for this season compose a harmonious color palette with shades such as old pink, burgundy, electric blue and a wide range of browns. Pants that are fused in prints of geometric prints, dots, paintings, stripes and flowers. All this, in a bid to stay faithful to its romantic essence while also incorporating renewed touches, such as trousers with a seventies’ cut or midi cut tulle skirts that, combined with oversize jerseys and sneakers, create a trendy look.

However, if something identifies Poète are their party designs for guests. For this new season, presents a capsule collection where velvet and pearls are the protagonists. Designs designed for a woman Poète modern and renewed, with long that appear above the knee and full of details that make them unique.

Fotos Poète