Lug expands its product portfolio

Lug Healthcare Technology is an advanced technology company highly specialized in the rationalization and automation of critical processes in the hospital system.

Our range of solutions is specialized in the SAFETY of the patient’s therapeutic process that starts with a correct prescription and ends with the administration.

Lug Healthcare Techology is completing its product portfolio with 2 new solutions: Control/traceability system and LugIQ.

1. Control and traceability system

It is a system that identifies, cuts, packages and dispenses medication for hospitalized patients, in an automated and integrated way in unit doses that consists of 3 machines:

  • Cutting and packaging machine: transforms the blister packs into single doses and their individual packaging.
  • Storage: once the cut has taken place, the unidoses are stored in a cartridge that goes directly to the warehouse.
  • Dispenser: the cartridges pass from the warehouse to the dispenser, where the products related to each patient/treatment will be dispensed. 


  1. Automation of the manual process (cutting and bagging), which allows the hospital to increase productivity.
  2. Reducing human intervention in the handling of medication, which implies fewer errors at the time of administration.
  3. Increases the level of sotck control, as well as efficiency in your supply chain.

2. Lug IQ

It is a system that allows the analysis of production, carried out in each hospital pharmacy, from the prescription, production and administration of treatments.


1. Medication consumption. View trends and plan purchases.

2. Average production and administration times.

     a) For cast of pharmacy personnel occupation.

     b) Grouping of preparations by days, workload balancing. 

3. Identify and prevent.

   a) Analysis of production problems by preparation.

   b) Analysis of correct/erroneous production by professional.

   c) Reuse of leftovers.

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