Cover Haro from cellar to cellarwarehouse

Enotorusmo in the best wineries of Haro, elaboration of the traditional wine in La Rioja in “El Barrio de la Estación”

Haro has great wealth of artistic and cultural heritage that is worth seeing. We can learn much of it just by walking around the city and discovering our “Herradura”, located at the heart of the City. In this well-known area, you can visit many hotels filling sumptuous buildings – one of them standing as the oldest in the city – where you can taste traditional Riojan cuisine in its restaurants with its casseroles, sandwiches, banderillas, skewers or tapas, as well as vintage wines, aging or reserve, all at your choice. The city of Haro has a long wine history, with its wineries having been dug on the slopes of Cerro del Castillo and Santa Lucía. Later in time, some wineries took over the basements of the existing buildings of the city, including a wine cellar complex of great interest in the Las Cuevas street. 

The store of the train station was a turning point in the town’s wine development. From its setting independent entrepreneurs establish themselves around the railway tracks and a completely different model emerges from the traditional Rioja winemaking spaces, bringing “El Barrio de la Estación” to life.

Winery selection

Bodegas Muga is located in the historical Barrio de La Estación de Haro. Facilities are based on a bicentennial building, with stone and oak as central elements of it, ranging from French oak (Allier, Tronçais or Jupilles), American, Hungarian, Russian, to small parts of Spanish oak.


 Avda. Vizcaya, 2 – 26200 Haro, La Rioja /

Bodegas López de Heredia, one of the oldest in Haro and one of the first three in La Rioja. The strategic location of its vineyards, the exceptional quality of the planting patterns, as well as the varieties they use, coupled with an excellent winery, whose creation process was similar to the plantation of the vineyards, slowly, with the highest care.

Av. Vizcaya, 3, 26200 Haro, La Rioja /

Bodegas Bilbaínas has some of the most prestigious and emblematic wines and champagnes of La Rioja, including its traditional Viña Pomal, Viña Zaco, Ederra, Royal Carlton and La Vicalanda, as well as its Singular Wines of Maturana, Tempranillo blanco, Graciano, Garnacha.

Calle La Estación, s/n, 26200 Haro, La Rioja /