Office looks

It is full of versatile and feminine items of clothing. These icons for the working day are romantic style blouses, cardigans for cool mornings, skirts with different lengths and dresses for the morning meeting and afternoon afterwork, without sacrificing power or free will, stepping into the office with outfits that will stand high in your working closet.

The blouses, whether romantic or classic, provide a special touch to the office’ looks aiming to escape from insignificance.

The “just in case” cardigan. In times of temperature changes, you should always have the option that embraces you in morning and at the afternoon commute. 

Versatile skirts, should not be more than to have a perfect skirt for the rain, as well as the one that takes you out of a hurry, beside the most feminine pencil lines.

Trousers, there is nothing that delineates the working girl more than a pair of dress pants.

Finally, dresses that will serve you throughout the day. The proposal is as elementary as versatile.

Coats and knitwear for the coldest days

The new season is full of renewed classics items with the “must” flavour of the firm. Long coats in masculine cut and checkered prints bring the Anglo-Saxon style. There are short options of lamb and checkered insides, as well as others with a touch of excitement using intense tones, but in a sweet flavour through haired necks and sleeves.

Moreover, in this season fashionable knitwear bet on trends such as puffed sleeves. These make the difference bringing something else to the items of clothing: flared, adjusted down, with details on wrists, etc. The classic gooseneck or eights appear as strong competitors to build a durable and secure basic wardrobe.

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