I want to learn how to manage my stress

The new book by Elena Mendoza, expert in emotional intelligence and Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Carmen Castro, expert in mindfulness for health and sleep disorders.

This book will help you understand stress and learn to manage your emotions and thoughts to handle it in the best possible way, generating calm and clarity to your mind.


Stress is considered the disease of the 21st century. In fact, if you type “stress” in any search engine you will find many articles, some scientific, others informative, which state this. It seems that we have just discovered it and that it is intimately related to our western lifestyle, but in reality stress has always existed and has fulfilled its function, that of helping us to adapt to the demands of the environment.

So why do we have such a negative concept of it? In this book we want to clarify what stress is, raise awareness about how important it is to connect with our body to recognize how we feel, and transfer to you the responsibility of managing your own emotions and to be the protagonist of change if what you really want is to manage your stress efficiently.

In this book you will find ideas, tips and simple and practical resources that will surely help you achieve this. In addition, we delve into two techniques that have proven to be very effective for both emotional management and thought management, generating calm and clarity to your mind: EFT (Tapping) and Mindfulness.

Properly managing your stress is not a test of speed but of endurance. Therefore, as you will discover throughout the book, the important thing is to incorporate small but firm changes into your life, which will become habits that will undoubtedly lead you to face stressful situations with greater physical, psychological and emotional balance. 


Elena Mendoza is Partner-Director of ZENWorking, a consulting firm specializing in corporate wellness. For years she has been spreading and teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as EFT or Tapping, in different contexts and institutions, being her specialty the management of stress and fear in change processes. She is a PCC coach, an expert in Emotional Intelligence and a professor at the CORAOPS Executive Coaching Institute. She has directed the coaching and personal growth program on radio3w.com and is co-author of Hazte Experto en Inteligencia Emocional (Become an Expert in Emotional Intelligence) published by Desclée De Brouwer.

Carmen Castro has a degree in Law. Partner-Director of ZENWorking and expert in Mindfulness for Health. Consultant and trainer specialized in stress management techniques and sleep disorders, she has developed and successfully applied a Mindfulness-based program aimed at improving sleep disorders. Coach, NLP Practitioner and EFT facilitator, in recent years she has been working and focusing her attention on research related to neuropsychology, the mind and stress, and the psychological benefits of Mindfulness. 


  • “Surely if you are reading this book is because you want to learn how to better manage your stress; and we say “your” stress because, as you will see, we all live it differently and, moreover, it is impossible to live without stress”.
  • “Putting the mind in blank IS IMPOSSIBLE. We cannot avoid thinking, but we can manage our thoughts in other ways, which will make our stress more manageable.”
  • “To manage your stress the first step is to develop good body awareness, to be able to listen to your body and the signals that through different symptoms it is wanting to transmit to you. The body is wise and when we are forcing it too much or we take it to the limit of its resistance, it asks for help and warns us that something is wrong.”
  • “It is very common in our day to day lives that, immersed in a stressful agenda, “running from here to there”, we do not realize what is really happening here and now.”
  • “With Tapping you will have at your fingertips, literally, an easy and accurate tool to manage your stress levels. It has been described as “acupuncture without needles for emotions” as it consists of stimulating the start and end points of the Chinese acupuncture meridians with the fingers, while the person remains focused on the emotion or issue they want to address.”
  • “We could define Mindfulness as a state of consciousness directed and focused on the present moment with an attitude of accepting everything that happens with kindness, whether pleasant or unpleasant and without judgment”. 

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