Improve your concentration with excessive activation

What can you do to improve your concentration when your activation state is excessive?

If you are in an excessive state of activation that does not allow you to be efficient, it is probably because you have not respected the rest times that your stress mechanism needs to regulate its level adequately.

Check this chart…







In order to keep us in the zone of highest or optimal performance we have to make sure that the mechanism of stress works within a healthy scheme, that is to say:

Activation as a result of an event or thought

Sustaining the activation until the resolution of the event.

Calm regression: return to normal activation levels.

If we feel too active we stop being efficient because our mind is unable to stop and concentrate. It’s probably because we haven’t been able to get back into our heads and we’re probably linking some stressful episodes to others without stopping.

To solve this problem we recommend that you organize your daily schedule in such a way that every two or two and a half hours of work you can take an active break. During this break, which can be a minute, two minutes or five minutes, actually whatever you want and can afford, do some kind of exercise that will distract you and calm your mind. For example, a quick postural scan, for which you don’t even have to move from your chair. The idea is to stop for as long as you have decided and become aware of your posture, observe how you are sitting right now. Scan carefully and without judgment and notice if your head is aligned with your trunk, or if it is anteriorized or posteriorized to it. See if this position is comfortable for you, and if it is not, you can rectify it so that it is. Observe the position of your trunk, notice if your back is straight or curved and realize if this position is comfortable for you or you could modify it to be more ergonomic. What is the position of your neck? Do you feel pain, tension or blockage? Pay attention to the sensations and let them relax and go away. Watch your hips, legs and feet, see how they anchor to the floor and how the sensation of your weight goes to them. Repeat the whole exploration process, seeing if anything has changed just by “noticing”. Realize that your mind, during the exercise, is focused on the body and not thinking.

This exercise is full attention and will help you to refresh your attention, quiet your mind and improve your concentration.

We also recommend short abdominal breathing exercises, focusing your attention on your chest or abdomen and observing the characteristics of the movement it causes.

Get started on your training, there’s no better investment!

Carmen Castro Torres

Managing Partner of ZENWorking

Specialist in stress management techniques and sleep disorders