The world of money is shifting to bitcoin

With this title, “The world of money is changing to bitcoin”, I am writing this article to explain what some people still do not know; that cryptocurrency, digital and/or virtual money, is here to stay.

While it is true that it is happening faster than some imagine, it is only a half programmed roadmap, within the usual speed of the implementation of a new technology, blockchain, which more than being the future and not even present, in many cases has already been with us for some time. Its adoption will be faster every day and my own company, Criptoro, helps to cross this technological bridge, with the words traceability and tokenization, for companies already interested.

Returning to the word blockchain, it should be said that it is a database or public registry that can be shared by a multitude of users in peer-to-peer (P2P) mode and that allows the storage of information in an immutable and organized way.

The possibility of it being immutable, offers endless practical possibilities for companies, which will help to optimize processes, verify them, if necessary, save costs in many cases, etc. It is really a great technological leap for the world in general and part of this technology, in addition, has the possibility of being invested, through cryptoassets, such as bitcoin (Bitcoin is the blockchain technology and bitcoin is the cryptocurrency).

Blockchain is increasingly being used as a software development tool, and not just for a monetary purpose, but the latter part is the one that appeals more, to investors and traders who come from the traditional fiat money world.

The share of bitcoin in the crypto ecosystem has gone from 70% at the beginning of 2021 to less than 50% today. As for ether, it has risen from 11% to 17%. Considering, that ethereum’s dominance is an indicator of the demand for blockchain-based applications, we can see that, the market is increasingly going to blockchain as a software development tool, for enterprises.

If you are a company, the sooner you advance in your technological transformation, the sooner you will enter the right path towards where you should direct your company.

Regarding the investment that everyone is calling for, the fact that bitcoin will reach 100,000 USD in the future should no longer be surprising, given the disinflation on which this crypto-asset is based. At half supply every four years (the process in English is called Halving) against the same demand or higher demand, its price should in the long term, continue to rise. Today in 2021 there are 5 people as investors in cryptocurrencies, compared to 1 person in 2017.

How many more people will join in the near future…?