Deessa – Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

Deessa is the most suggestive, ambitious, seductive and coveted space at Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid.


Celebrity chef Quique Dacosta displays his unique culinary talent at Deessa, the hotel’s star restaurant and Dacosta’s first space in the Spanish capital.

The beautiful Alfonso XIII Room, with its views of the Ritz Garden, is the perfect setting for Dacosta’s original cuisine, which knows no limits in terms of flavors.

Deessa offers a unique gastronomic experience through two complete tasting menus: “Historical” (check here) and “Contemporary” (check here), available for lunch, dinner and weekends.

Last December, eight months after its opening, Deessa received its first Michelin star at the Michelin 2022 gala

Deessa’s team

In addition to Quique Dacosta, a chef renowned for his culinary creativity, particularly admired for his mastery in combining tradition and innovation and for his use of local products and cultural references whenever possible, these are some of the professionals who make Deessa possible:

Ricard Tobella – Head Chef Deessa

Trained in his native Barcelona, Ricard Tobella has worked in restaurants such as ABaC and Martín Berasategui, holding different positions, from head chef to pastry chef or responsible for the organization of events, weddings and banquets.

After a period in the UK, where he had the opportunity to further his training, he returned to Spain to join Quique Dacosta’s team in 2005 at the Mercat Bar, Vuelve Carolina and El Poblet restaurants.  His loyalty, work capacity and enthusiasm have made him an invaluable part of the team and he has been an important part of Quique Dacosta’s team in the achievement of the three Michelin stars at Quique Dacosta’s restaurant in Denia, Alicante.

Ricard Tobella joins the team at Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid as Head Chef of Deessa, the gastronomic restaurant. 

In 2021, Deessa received its first Michelin star from Ricard.

Silvia García – Head Sommelier Deessa

With an extensive training, with several qualifications such as Sake and distillates sommelier from Japan, Beer Sommelier or Master Sherry from Bodegas González Byass, Silvia García has developed her career in prestigious restaurants such as Kabuki Wellington (1 Michelin star) and Mugaritz Restaurant, Gipuzkoa. 

In addition, she has been considered Best Sommelier by Metrópoli Magazine in 2012, in 2016 she was a finalist for the Best Sommelier award of the Royal Academy of Spanish Gastronomy and has been part of the tasting committee for advice and improvement in the Vega Sicilia winery group. She is currently a regular collaborator in tasting and sommelier courses.

As Head Sommelier at Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid, Silvia is in charge of the extensive wine selection and service at Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid. 

She has been awarded as Sommelier of the Year by La Razón in 2021.

María Torrecilla – Director of Deessa

With a degree in Business Studies and a master’s degree in sommelier, María Torrecilla has worked as maitre d’, sommelier and room manager in several national restaurants. Names such as Mugaritz and Club Allard, both awarded with Michelin stars, stand out in her extensive career.

Since 2010 she has been part of the Quique Dacosta team, having worked as head waitress and sommelier at the restaurants Mercatbar, Vuelve Carolina, Quique Dacosta Restaurante and El Poblet.

Currently, Torrecilla manages Deessa, a Michelin-starred restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid, where she performs an exceptional job. Serious and committed to the project from the beginning, her great communication skills and extraordinary customer service make her a fundamental pillar for the leadership and management of the space.

The five gastronomic universes of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

Quique Dacosta and his team stage the excellence that characterizes the chef in five distinct culinary universes within the hotel itself: Deessa, the most avant-garde gastronomic restaurant with a Mediterranean soul, located in the magnificent Alfonso XIII room; Palm Court, which inherits the palatial cuisine and tradition of the Ritz as seen through Dacosta’s prism, and which is located under the recently opened glass dome, where the famous Afternoon Tea is also served; Pictura, the hotel bar where you can taste the best cocktails while enjoying the already emblematic Paula Anta’s Portrait Gallery; Champagne Bar, an intimate space to enjoy a glass of champagne accompanied by delicious oysters, caviar, white truffle or Iberian ham and, of course, the Ritz Garden, the idyllic terrace so coveted in spring and summer, which has inaugurated a winter proposal for the first time in the history of the Ritz.