Sa Brisa successful Ibizan restaurant

The married couple formed by Esther Bonet and Pere Vendrell has come a remarkable way since the summer of 2018, when they left Ibiza for Madrid. With their successful Ibizan restaurant, Sa Brisa, they began a professional and personal adventure in the capital.

Just a month before the confinement began, they made the decision to close the Ibizan premises and settle permanently in Madrid.

With both parents working in the hotel business, it was difficult to balance family life with two businesses in different locations, so the family moved to the big city.

The move has certainly paid off: just a few months ago, they opened Can Bonet in the same area, a traditional Catalan restaurant that pays homage to their hometown of Lleida.

Since opening, Sa Brisa has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Our loyal customers have been instrumental in helping us keep our menu fresh and exciting, and for the new season, “we are delighted to share some delicious new dishes!

Enhance your dining experience with Sa Brisa’s popular ensalada payesa, made with dried fish from Formentera, tomato, red and green peppers, and served with glass bread. Discover the Ibicenco-style matanza rice with Balearic pork secret and grilled octopus with Nimono broth. Be sure to pair your meal with the restaurant’s large selection of wines, beers and other Balearic beverages for the perfect accompaniment.

Sa Brisa’s menu is a true testament to the passion of its owners, Esther and Pere, and their dedication to offering dishes of the highest quality.

With its unique Balearic flavors, Sa Brisa is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet meal in the company of friends, family or colleagues.

Taste the best of Sa Brisa Madrid with its exquisite tasting menus! Delight yourself with the Posidonia menu and the Ibicenco menu, which bring together the culinary roots of the Balearic Islands with an Author’s touch.

Experience the unique flavors of traditional dishes, complemented with touches from around the world.

Don’t miss this unforgettable culinary journey!