Bentley Continental GT Speed, the Grand Touring becomes a great sports car

A single teaser just a few days ago and the British firm has just revealed the flagship of its two-door sports car. The new Bentley Continental GT Speed 2022 arrives. Engineered to deliver maximum features, while providing first-class on-board comfort.

Missing for a long time, the new Bentley Continental GT Speed 2022 is already a fact. A long-awaited top of the range that seemed to have faded without an explanation from the British firm, and that all prejudices disappeared just a few days ago with the only advance. And is that Bentley has been more than discreet to present this more powerful variant of the sports car.

Four years after the market release of the new generation of the Continental GT, the Speed arrives. A variant that presents a distinctive design thanks to the details in gloss black paint, and should be looked at more closely after the launch of the Continental GT Black Line. The radiator grille has a specific grille, as do the shapes of the front bumper, or new gills on the front wings with the corresponding number of cylinders insignia in the same shape as the grille.

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed 2022 is highlighted by gloss black painted details

The luxury Bentley Continental GT Speed 2022 shares engine with the Bentley Bacalar

Also in black are the edge of the headlights and the side inserts, the side skirts, the rear part of the oval exhaust and the lip of the front bumper, as well as the very thin spoiler on the edge of the trunk lid or the winged emblem. And well shod, because the new Continental GT Speed 2022 is equipped with attractive 22-inch alloy wheels painted in shiny silver.

A sportiness that has also been transferred to the interior, albeit on a larger scale, with full leather lining with diamond quilting and nappa leather, plus red stitching. The headrests feature an engraved “Speed” logo, while the dashboard is covered in carbon fiber.

Bentley pledged that driving dynamics reached a new level, without compromising the comfort of a Grand Touring car». A formula that has been accomplished with a new four-wheel steering, turning the rear wheels a maximum of 5º in the same direction as the front wheels to maintain balance or in reverse in maneuvers, and with the new eLSD electronic rear axle differential.

The luxurious interior of the new Bentley Continental GT Speed 2022, with carbon fiber and nappa leather

Two systems that work in tandem, together with a new air suspension and the “Dynamic Ride” active anti-roll bar system, and with the opportunity to disconnect the ESC stability control. The British have also cut 33 kilograms of weight thanks to the new silicon carbide brake discs, although this is an option.

A system with no less than 10 pistons in the front calipers will slow down the real missile that the new Continental GT Speed has turned into, which is fitted with the same configuration as the exclusive Bacalar, narrowly outstandingly outperforming the Continental GT W12.

The 6.0 liters that power the powerful twin-turbo W12 gasoline engine produce a maximum power of no less than 659 hp, 24 more than in the normal W12, and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. Figures with which speeds up from zero to 100 km / in 3.6 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 335 km / h.  The firm has just started to open the order books estimating deliveries in the third quarter of 2021.

Detail of the powerful 6.0-liter W12 engine of the 2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed