Contemporary design in all its splendor

At Gunni&Trentino we undertake integral housing projects, adapting to the style of each client.

In this housing project, our team chose a contemporary design style in all its splendor.

High ceilings, typical of the current industrial style, metallic stairs combined with natural woods, luxury furniture with an original and groundbreaking design.

The light white, neutral colors, the use of glass, make this composition, an ode to the XXI century.

Open spaces and long corridors, ceiling bookcases created to measure with materials such as brass, make this home, a unique space.

Clean lines, large windows, glass as a prominent material, where light plays an essential role.

The lightness brings a more relaxed interior to your contemporary home. The furniture in this living room, consisting of sofas, tables and home furnishings, reflects a more relaxed approach to life, characteristic of this style.

Minimalist lines, bare floors with gorgeous finishes and materials.

The exteriors are just as essential as the interiors. Most exterior details are free of the heavy ornamentation of classic historic buildings and are substituted by simple rectilinear or curvilinear forms.