Mercedes Maybach

We already heard about it last August, Mercedes unveiled their new electric vehicle Vision Mercedes Maybach 6. But after a few months expecting  news about it, we finally know more about this stunning prototype which  has arrived wearing a crimson satin, standing out as one of the innovations that has attracted the attention of all the current car cast. With a length of 5.7 meters  and an esthetic inspired by the classics and most beautiful sport coupes, the Vision 6 causes a visual impact hard to forget, transmitting power and delicacy in one same feeling.

Structural, the German prototype hides inside a top electric technology , with nothing to envy from the famous Teslas of Mr. Musk, this marvel of art in motion has four compact motors, one for each of the synchronous type wheels  with permanent magnet,  contributing to the integral traction with 750 Hp which are powered by a powerful battery of 80 kWh, which gives the  2 + 2 car seats car an autonomy of 500 kilometers, from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds and with a top speed electronically limited to 250km / h. The batteries are located in the lowest part of the car to allow positioning the center of gravity in the lowest possible position, the duration of these batteries is over 500 kilometers and therefore it  meets the requirements of NEDC,  furthermore, it  can be recharged by the method of induction charging without plugging the car to the power supply, and for emergency situations it  provides an option to charge the battery level in 5 minutes giving a range of 100 km. Nothing to envy from the gasoline drinkers.

It should be highlighted that its doors are open gull guy up, tires are 24-inch wheels and has rims that give an electric and striking esthetics. In the outside it surprises as the fact of not having mirrors, since it has two cameras on each side projecting inside everything that happens in the outside, reducing the  wind resistance.

In terms of the interior, it reminds us as the fusion of a yacht with modern fighter jet, with a holographic windshield that transforms driving into a much more intuitive and simple experience as it is activated with gestures, making  the pilot feel as if the car was an extension of his body, practically connected to his thoughts, banishing the scorecards to the past. The seats continue the door panels with leather upholstery that detects its occupants by sensors and regulates the lighting and weather conditions inside based on their needs and attire.