A mediterranean style house

To succeed in transforming a house into a home, it is necessary to know the tastes and needs of its future inhabitants and use the distribution, materials and furniture in the same direction to achieve it. This is what the interior design studio Interia did in this 90m2 apartment, transforming a space almost in ruins into a bright and warm home.

New space allocation

The great challenge was undoubtedly to modify the old distribution to adapt it to the needs of its new owners.

The starting point was a very compartmentalized house to be renovated, with rooms without windows that prevented taking advantage of the natural light coming in from the outside, which was not helped by its gloomy decoration, with walls covered in dark tones.

The goal was to reduce the number of rooms to gain a sense of space and light and add an en suite bathroom in the master bedroom.

To do this, on the one hand, it was decided to integrate the kitchen into the living room, to which was added a semi-open office that was perceived as independent, but not enclosed and isolated.

On the other hand, rooms were merged, turning them into two large bedrooms, one of them with en suite bathroom and a second very large auxiliary bathroom.

Matching furnishings

Based on the aesthetics of the container, the choice of content had to follow the same decorative line

To this end, we opted for wooden furniture, light textiles and textures such as wicker, jute or rattan, present to a greater or lesser extent in each room.

The touch of color in the bedrooms was provided by the cushions, bedspreads and plaid bedding, always in soft and powdery tones to accompany the main piece of furniture.

Importance of materials

To achieve the desired Mediterranean air, several original elements provided by the house were used to achieve the desired decorative style.

Thus, the false ceilings were removed to expose the sloping wooden beams in the new living room and the vaults in the bedrooms.

A pillar in exposed brick, wooden windows with quarters, walls painted in off-white and a rustic aesthetic floor accompany the untoned tiles in the kitchen and imitations of hydraulic tile in the bathrooms to achieve the goal.

The result: a perfect Mediterranean style apartment ideal as a first or second home for short term rental.