Latest interior design trends

Elegance, modernity, virtues to interiorize your idea and build your dream in all available spaces. Trends and design.

Interior architecture is a living entity which adapts itself to current times, the necessities of our society and their challenges, placing people in the center of its reason to be. Madrid based interior design studio, Dimensi-on, speaks with us about the most updated trends around the conception and conceptualization of spaces.

Natural and sustainable materials. Environmental awareness revalidates the prominent position of wood along with the increasing notoriety bamboo is achieving due to its incredible resistance, lightness and versatility. We are witnessing an unprecedented revolution on recycled materials like the modern rubbers manufactured from natural resins used in floor construction, replacing plastics. Leading the R&D we find the solid surface coatings, being air’s self-purifying and antibacterial among their many advantages.

Big format. This year oversized porcelain materials are trendy. Impressive   coatings measuring 94” x 27”imitating with great realism the look and the texture of natural noble stones, metals, cement and wood. Using them is synonym of visual continuity, lighten weights and their quality-price ratio is on the top of their endless compelling charms. They require less maintenance and assure a great deal of resistance. Another of their great advantages lays on their capacity of maximizing the energy efficiency of radiant floor heating systems. 

Highly powerful kitchens. In such impacting colors like black, dark blue or grey green. And not only on creating selected details here and there, but in the whole furniture. Despite white is still the most demanded choice, the usage of these trendy tonalities translates into an extra touch of originality, elegance, modernity and irresistible sophistication for the less conservatives and most daring tastes.

Interior enclosures. One of the true favorites of those who love interior design these days. Made on wood or metal, their custom design and manufacturing allows a great deal personalization, exponentially increasing their possibilities since they can be combined with different types of glass: satin acid etched, smoked, tinted… They serve their purpose as room dividers, enabling the light stream between all sorts of spaces.

Room dividers. The highly relevant open space concept on today’s interior design, requires of elements able to mark on a subtle almost nom intrusive way, ambient delimitations in the context of fully integrated spaces. In order to achieve it, backless bookshelves, lattices and interior enclosures (as already seen) are commonly used.

Interior natural habitats. Our modern life habits and especially urban lifestyle, inevitably disconnects us all from nature. A way to reestablish and enhance such a link is to dress up interiors with natural fibers like rattan in carpets, choosing cotton and linen textiles, using wood or by integrating natural, artificial and/or lyophilized plants and vertical gardens indoors.

Of interior design as a necessity. Traditionally associated to luxury, interior architecture has become mandatory. And not only when it comes to the optimization, functionality and the dynamization of spaces. Also on the achievement of specific goals, like in the case of strategic interior design, based on the targets, products and/or services and model businesses of companies. Its objective is to conquer the heart of audiences and clients in the case of retailers, hospitality and catering sectors, as well as offices when it comes to corporate environments. 

Halfway between Scandinavia and Japan. Nowadays we are witnessing how Scandinavian style’s hegemony melts on miscegenation with the elegant and balanced exoticism of the Land of the Rising Sun. The mixture of different types of chairs, the utilization of white color and many other referrers of the Scandinavian style stablish today a perfect symbiosis with the minimalism, the straight lines, dark woods, pastel colors and grey tones intrinsically characteristic of the Japanese decorative identity.  

Metallic details. They could be present as golden and coopery incarnations as embossed outline ornaments in furniture, desk legs, lamps… They are a genuine life insurance that exhales style and durability in breathtaking contrast with wood, giving the spaces a terrific warmness.

Lighting is and will always be the queen. There is no era, trend or fashion on interior architecture which is not being built upon on the use or natural and/or artificial lightning to bring any project to the next level. Because of her we manage to underline or put the focus on textures, details, certain areas or creating atmospheres. Lamps are always on constant evolution, both on their styling as on their integration with new technologies like in the case of domotics.

Photos: Casa Dani y el Asturiano